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LED controllers for fish tank lighting (fresh and sea water) and LEDs are in stock and available immediately. Nonetheless, please plan your demands in good time.

CoolTWILED 3.x is a wireless programmable 12channel LED controller/driver board. Configuration is possible via browser on almost any platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple IOS.

20 Watt CVU LEDs combine cyan (490nm), violet (420nm) and UV (380nm & 400nm). cvu_rgb_en.jpg

On request, CoolTWILED 3.x SLAVE is available with fan ports (so that two additional fans can be connected per board).

Please order via email

If you have questions, please read the pages below “Available for ordering”.

Please order via email:

Available for ordering


Fresh water and marine aquariums of our customers (built using our lighting controllers and LEDs).

No longer available

Other projects


This page in German (Seite auf Deutsch)

Please order via email:


Firmware (Text on the display)

Translations have to be integrated into the firmware by us. Please add an additional column to each line of the following string definitions and send the result via email.

Important: The standard display is 16 characters wide. In some sub menus there is even less space (for example if there are channel percentages shown next to the descriptions).

LANGSTR(LSTR_LANGNAME,          "English",           "Deutsch"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MODE,              "Mode",              "Modus"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LANGUAGE,          "Language",          "Sprache"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_REMJUMPER,         "Remove jumper",     "Jumper entfernen"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_POSITION,          "Position",          "Position"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SAVING,            "Saving...",         "Speichere..."      );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIMESEPARATOR,     ":",                 ":"                 );
LANGSTR(LSTR_OCLOCK,            "",                  " Uhr"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIME,              "Time",              "Zeit"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MIN,               "min.",              "min."              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MAX,               "max.",              "max."              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FANS,              "Fans",              "Lüfter"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FANMODE,           "Fan mode",          "Lüftermodus"       );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TEMPWATERLOW,      "Stop at",           "Stopp bei"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TEMPWATERHIGH,     "Start at",          "Start bei"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LCDBL,             "LCD brightness",    "LCD-Helligkeit"    );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIMELAPSE,         "Time lapse",        "Zeitraffer"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_KEYPRESS,          "Press key on RC",   "FB-Taste drücken"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_IRLEARN,           "For IR learning",   "Für IR-Lernmodus"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SAVE,              "Save in EEPROM",    "Speichern"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_CLOUDP,            "Clouds/day",        "Wolken/Tag"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_STORMP,            "Storms/week",       "Gewitter/Woche"    );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SECONDS,           " seconds",          " Sekunden"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MINUTES,           " minutes",          " Minuten"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_CLOUDD,            "Cloud duration",    "Wolkendauer"       );
LANGSTR(LSTR_STORMD,            "Storm duration",    "Gewitterdauer"     );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DATE,              "Date",              "Datum"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ALT,               "Altitude",          "Höhe"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LAT,               "Latitude",          "Breitengrad"       );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LON,               "Longitude",         "Längengrad"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SUN,               "Sun",               "Sonnen"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MOON,              "Moon",              "Mond"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ALT_LC,            " altitude",         "höhe"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_PHASE,             " phase",            "phase"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LCD20X4,           "LCD 20x4",          "LCD 20x4"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TEMPUNIT,          "Temperature unit",  "Temp.einheit"      );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIMEFORMAT,        "Time format",       "Zeitformat"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WRITEPROTECT,      "Write protect WL",  "WL-Schreibschutz"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_YES,               "Yes",               "Ja"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_NO,                "No",                "Nein"              );
const __flash char LCHAR_DECIMALSEPARATOR[] = {
				'.',                 ',' // Decimal point
const __flash char LCHAR_COOLER[] = {
				'-',                 'K' // Character shown when cooler is active
const __flash char LCHAR_HEATER[] = {
				'+',                 'H' // Character shown when heater is active
const __flash char LCHAR_TIMER[] = {
				'T',                 'T' // Character shown when timer is active
const __flash char LCHAR_CLOUD[] = {
				'O',                 'W' // Character shown during a cloud
const __flash char LCHAR_STORM[] = {
				'S',                 'G' // Character shown during a thunderstorm
// Fan modes
LANGSTR(LSTR_LED,               "LED brightness",    "LED-Helligkeit"    );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WATER,             "Water temp.",       "Wassertemp."       );
// Modes
LANGSTR(LSTR_MANUAL,            "Manual",            "Manuell"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_AUTO,              "Auto",              "Auto"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_GEO,               "Geo",               "Geo"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DEMO,              "RGB demo",          "RGB-Demo"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FLASH,             "Flash",             "Blitzer"           );
// IR remote control key names
LANGSTR(LSTR_UP,                "Up",                "Hoch"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DOWN,              "Down",              "Runter"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LEFT,              "Left",              "Links"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_RIGHT,             "Right",             "Rechts"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_PREVIOUS,          "Back",              "Zurück"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_NEXT,              "Next",              "Vor"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SETTINGS,          "Settings",          "Einstellungen"     );
LANGSTR(LSTR_STEP,              "Step size",         "Schrittweite"      );
// Color names (each 9 characters wide max.)
LANGSTR(LSTR_CHANNEL,           "Channel ",          "Kanal "            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WHITE,             "PureWhite",         "Reinweiß"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_RED,               "Red",               "Rot"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_GREEN,             "Green",             "Grün"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_BLUE,              "Blue",              "Blau"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_UV,                "UV",                "UV"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MOONLIGHT,         "MoonLight",         "Mondlicht"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_COLDWHITE,         "ColdWhite",         "Kaltweiß"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WARMWHITE,         "WarmWhite",         "Warmweiß"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_YELLOW,            "Yellow",            "Gelb"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_PURPLE,            "Purple",            "Pink"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ROYALBLUE,         "RoyalBlue",         "Royalblau"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_CYAN,              "Cyan",              "Türkis"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_VIOLET,            "Violet",            "Violett"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ORANGE,            "Orange",            "Orange"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DEEPRED,           "Deep red",          "Tiefrot"           );
// Week days
LANGSTR(LSTR_SATURDAY,          "Sat",               "Sa"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SUNDAY,            "Sun",               "So"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MONDAY,            "Mon",               "Mo"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TUESDAY,           "Tue",               "Di"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WEDNESDAY,         "Wed",               "Mi"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_THURSDAY,          "Thu",               "Do"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FRIDAY,            "Fri",               "Fr"                );
// Months
LANGSTR(LSTR_JANUARY,           "Jan",               "Jan"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FEBRUARY,          "Feb",               "Feb"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MARCH,             "Mar",               "Mär"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_APRIL,             "Apr",               "Apr"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MAY,               "May",               "Mai"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_JUNE,              "Jun",               "Jun"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_JULY,              "Jul",               "Jul"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_AUGUST,            "Aug",               "Aug"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SEPTEMBER,         "Sep",               "Sep"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_OCTOBER,           "Oct",               "Okt"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_NOVEMBER,          "Nov",               "Nov"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DECEMBER,          "Dec",               "Dez"               );

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