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Please order via email:

Special items and remaining stock

Here you can find items which will be sold out soon and/or which will not necessarily be back ordered.

Spare displays and 20x4 displays

CoolTWILED and BlueTWILED are shipped along with a 16×2 display (2 lines with 16 characters each). Individual display and also 20×4 displays (4 lines with 20 characters each) are available as well. The dimensions are 98 mm x 60 mm (3.9“ x 2.4”; display board) and 76 mm x 26 mm (3“ x 1”; visible area)

The display mode can be switched from “16×2” to “20×4” on the “Expert” tab. To display sun and moon altitudes and moon phase (like shown below), set all 12 channel descriptions to “(unnamed)”.

  • Display 20×4: 15 EUR plus shipping
  • Display 16×2: 10 EUR plus shipping
  • Surcharge for a 20×4 display: 10 EUR

Mounting kit

Each four M3 screws and nuts (stainless steel A2), 15 mm (0.6“) spacers and washers (plastic).

  • Mounting kit: 4 EUR plus shipping

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