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Fresh water bundle (full spectrum)

Ideal spectra are especially desired in aquariums due to the demands of plants. This bundle (controller board and LEDs) was designed for this exact scenario. By using LEDs of different wavelengths in a given combination it is possible to nearly replicate the visible parts of the sun's spectrum.


Using this simulation you can also try different LED configurations and view their spectra. Your goal would be to minimize gaps. Please note that in practice there will be minor deviations due to component tolerances. As a default (when refreshing this page) the reef bundle configuration and recommended dimming is loaded.

LED types, counts and dimming:

pc(s) LED warm white 10W (~3000K)

pc(s) LED pure white 10W (~6000K)

pc(s) LED cold white 10W (~20000K)

pc(s) LED royalblue 10W (~445nm)

pc(s) LED blue 10W (~470nm)

pc(s) LED CVU 20W
Cyan (~490nm)
Violet (~420nm)
UV (~380nm & 400nm)

pc(s) LED RGB 20W
Deep red

This configuration needs 1pc CoolTWILED and pc(s) CoolTWILED SLAVEPLUS.
Resulting power: ~W.

Prices, included parts and LED configuration

The fresh water bundle includes CoolTWILED 3.x and LEDs for fish tanks. The fresh water bundle includes CoolTWILED 3.x and LEDs for fish tanks: Each 4pcs 10W warm and pure white, each 2pcs 20W RGB and CVU.

  • DIY kit CoolTWILED 3.x “Fresh water”: 199 EUR plus shipping.
  • DIY kit CoolTWILED 3.x SLAVEPLUS “Fresh water”: 179 EUR plus shipping

For all bundles we will configure and test each LED port current accordingly.

A: 1000 mA (2pcs 10W warm white)
B: 1000 mA (2pcs 10W warm white)
C: 1000 mA (2pcs 10W pure white)
D: 1000 mA (2pcs 10W pure white)
E: 1000 mA (not used)
F: 1000 mA (not used)
G: 700 mA (2pcs 20W CVU: Cyan)
H: 700 mA (2pcs 20W CVU: Violet)
I: 700 mA (2pcs 20W CVU: UV)
J: 700 mA (2pcs 20W RGB: Deep red)
K: 700 mA (2pcs 20W RGB: Green)
L: 700 mA (2pcs 20W RGB: Blue)


Either contact us via email or just use the option below. The bundle is in stock and can be shipped right away. Please make sure your shipping address is correct.

The price given here also includes a 20x4 display and the shipping costs:


This picture originates from the Example 71: b.jpg fresh.jpg

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