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LED controllers for fish tank lighting (fresh and sea water) and LEDs are in stock and available immediately. Nonetheless, please plan your demands in good time.

CoolTWILED 3.x is a wireless programmable 12channel LED controller/driver board. Configuration is possible via browser on almost any platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple IOS.

20 Watt CVU LEDs combine cyan (490nm), violet (420nm) and UV (380nm & 400nm). cvu_rgb_en.jpg

On request, CoolTWILED 3.x SLAVE is available with fan ports (so that two additional fans can be connected per board).

Please order via email

If you have questions, please read the pages below “Available for ordering”.

Please order via email:

Available for ordering


Fresh water and marine aquariums of our customers (built using our lighting controllers and LEDs).

No longer available

Other projects


This page in German (Seite auf Deutsch)

BlueTWILED 2.x

BlueTWILED is a programmable LED controller particularly designed for fish tank illumination. It provides high efficiency LED drivers so that high-power LEDs can be directly connected.



Windows software

Android app

Features and included parts

  • sun rise/set can be simulated by exact time or based on calculated elevation for given coordinates anywhere on earth
  • brightness values for each channel can be programmed for any point in time or any sun elevation
  • intermediate values are automatically calculated in real time
  • moon phase simulation
  • random cloud and thunderstorm (incl. lightning) simulation
  • dimensions 100 mm by 100 mm (4“ by 4”), height approx. 25 mm (1“)
  • LCD display (16×2 characters) and approx. 25 cm (10”) cable
  • BT module for programming and upgrading the firmware (please see the screenshots)
  • IR receiver for easy access to main functions via any universal remote control (not included; must support RC-5 standard)
  • on-board temperature sensor (emergency shutdown on excess temperature)
  • real time clock (which continues to run without power supply)
  • 24 V DC input (12 up to 30 V are possible)
  • 12 highly efficient LED drivers (currents from 300 to 1200 mA can be configured)
  • each of the 12 LED ports can be dimmed separately (= 12 channels) in steps of 1/4096
  • higher light demands can be satisfied by using one or more additional slave boards
  • two ports for 3pin fans (max. 1 A)
  • the fans can either be operated depending on the LED brightness (power) or temperature (CoolTWITemp 1.x (temperature sensor) necessary)

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