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LED controllers for fish tank lighting (fresh and sea water) and LEDs are in stock and available immediately. Nonetheless, please plan your demands in good time.

CoolTWILED 3.x is a wireless programmable 12channel LED controller/driver board. Configuration is possible via browser on almost any platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple IOS.

New: 20 Watt CVU LEDs combine cyan (490nm), violet (420nm) and UV (380nm & 400nm).

On request, CoolTWILED 3.x SLAVE is available with fan ports (so that two additional fans can be connected per board).

Please order via email

If you have questions, please read the pages below “Available for ordering”.

Please order via email:

Available for ordering


Fresh water and marine aquariums of our customers (built using our lighting controllers and LEDs).

No longer available

Other projects


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Please order via email:

LEDs for fish tanks

Unless otherwise noted, LEDs are in stock and available for ordering. These are single LEDs without heat sink, as seen on the photos.

Each and every LED is tested for function and insulation of anode and cathode against the heat spreader on the back (which is important for operation on CoolTWILED and BlueTWILED).

Please mount the LEDs with either thermal grease and screws or thermal glue on a metal plate. Do not use “thermal pads”, since these have poor thermal conductivity.

If present, please remove the (blue) protective film before applying power to the LEDs!

Overview and prices of available LEDs

Up to 2 LEDs in series per port:

  • LED warm white 10 Watt (1000mA; ~3000K) 5 EUR each plus shipping,
  • LED pure white 10 Watt (1000mA; ~6000K; ~1100lm) 5 EUR each plus shipping,
  • LED cold white 10 Watt (1000mA; ~20000K; ~1100lm) 5 EUR each plus shipping,
  • LED royal blue 10 Watt (1000mA; ~445nm) 5 EUR each plus shippin.

Every 2 of these LEDs need 3 ports (one per color):

  • LED RGB 20 Watt (700mA per color) 10 EUR each plus shipping (Deep red 660nm & 730nm / Green 520nm / Blue 470nm),
  • LED CVU 20 Watt (700mA per color) 15 EUR each plus shipping (Cyan 490nm / Violet 420nm / UV 380nm & 400nm).

Up to 6 LEDs in series per port:

  • LED cyan 3 Watt (~495nm; 700mA) 4 EUR each plus shipping (cyan = turquoise),
  • LED violet 3 Watt (420-430nm; 700mA) 6 EUR each plus shipping,
  • LED UV 3 Watt (~400nm; 700mA) 6 EUR each plus shipping.


Cold white

Royal blue




New (Deep red)

Old (Red)





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