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This page in German (Seite auf Deutsch)



Translations have to be integrated into the firmware by us. Please add an additional column to each line of the following string definitions and send the result via email.

Important: The standard display is 16 characters wide. In some sub menus there is even less space (for example if there are channel percentages shown next to the descriptions).

LANGSTR(LSTR_LANGNAME,          "English",           "Deutsch"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MODE,              "Mode",              "Modus"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LANGUAGE,          "Language",          "Sprache"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_REMJUMPER,         "Remove jumper",     "Jumper entfernen"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_POSITION,          "Position",          "Position"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SAVING,            "Saving...",         "Speichere..."      );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIMESEPARATOR,     ":",                 ":"                 );
LANGSTR(LSTR_OCLOCK,            "",                  " Uhr"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIME,              "Time",              "Zeit"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MIN,               "min.",              "min."              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MAX,               "max.",              "max."              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FANS,              "Fans",              "Lüfter"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FANMODE,           "Fan mode",          "Lüftermodus"       );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TEMPWATERLOW,      "Stop at",           "Stopp bei"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TEMPWATERHIGH,     "Start at",          "Start bei"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LCDBL,             "LCD brightness",    "LCD-Helligkeit"    );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIMELAPSE,         "Time lapse",        "Zeitraffer"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_KEYPRESS,          "Press key on RC",   "FB-Taste drücken"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_IRLEARN,           "For IR learning",   "Für IR-Lernmodus"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SAVE,              "Save in EEPROM",    "Speichern"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_CLOUDP,            "Clouds/day",        "Wolken/Tag"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_STORMP,            "Storms/week",       "Gewitter/Woche"    );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SECONDS,           " seconds",          " Sekunden"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MINUTES,           " minutes",          " Minuten"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_CLOUDD,            "Cloud duration",    "Wolkendauer"       );
LANGSTR(LSTR_STORMD,            "Storm duration",    "Gewitterdauer"     );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DATE,              "Date",              "Datum"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ALT,               "Altitude",          "Höhe"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LAT,               "Latitude",          "Breitengrad"       );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LON,               "Longitude",         "Längengrad"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SUN,               "Sun",               "Sonnen"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MOON,              "Moon",              "Mond"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ALT_LC,            " altitude",         "höhe"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_PHASE,             " phase",            "phase"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LCD20X4,           "LCD 20x4",          "LCD 20x4"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TEMPUNIT,          "Temperature unit",  "Temp.einheit"      );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TIMEFORMAT,        "Time format",       "Zeitformat"        );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WRITEPROTECT,      "Write protect BT",  "BT-Schreibschutz"  );
LANGSTR(LSTR_YES,               "Yes",               "Ja"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_NO,                "No",                "Nein"              );
const __flash char LCHAR_DECIMALSEPARATOR[] = {
				'.',                 ',' // Decimal point
const __flash char LCHAR_COOLER[] = {
				'-',                 'K' // Character shown when cooler is active
const __flash char LCHAR_HEATER[] = {
				'+',                 'H' // Character shown when heater is active
const __flash char LCHAR_TIMER[] = {
				'T',                 'T' // Character shown when timer is active
const __flash char LCHAR_CLOUD[] = {
				'O',                 'W' // Character shown during a cloud
const __flash char LCHAR_STORM[] = {
				'S',                 'G' // Character shown during a thunderstorm
// Fan modes
LANGSTR(LSTR_LED,               "LED brightness",    "LED-Helligkeit"    );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WATER,             "Water temp.",       "Wassertemp."       );
// Modes
LANGSTR(LSTR_MANUAL,            "Manual",            "Manuell"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_AUTO,              "Auto",              "Auto"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_GEO,               "Geo",               "Geo"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DEMO,              "RGB demo",          "RGB-Demo"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FLASH,             "Flash",             "Blitzer"           );
// IR remote control key names
LANGSTR(LSTR_UP,                "Up",                "Hoch"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DOWN,              "Down",              "Runter"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_LEFT,              "Left",              "Links"             );
LANGSTR(LSTR_RIGHT,             "Right",             "Rechts"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_PREVIOUS,          "Back",              "Zurück"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_NEXT,              "Next",              "Vor"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SETTINGS,          "Settings",          "Einstellungen"     );
LANGSTR(LSTR_STEP,              "Step size",         "Schrittweite"      );
// Color names (each 9 characters wide max.)
LANGSTR(LSTR_CHANNEL,           "Channel ",          "Kanal "            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WHITE,             "PureWhite",         "Reinweiß"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_RED,               "Red",               "Rot"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_GREEN,             "Green",             "Grün"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_BLUE,              "Blue",              "Blau"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_UV,                "UV",                "UV"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MOONLIGHT,         "MoonLight",         "Mondlicht"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_COLDWHITE,         "ColdWhite",         "Kaltweiß"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WARMWHITE,         "WarmWhite",         "Warmweiß"          );
LANGSTR(LSTR_YELLOW,            "Yellow",            "Gelb"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_PURPLE,            "Purple",            "Pink"              );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ROYALBLUE,         "RoyalBlue",         "Royalblau"         );
LANGSTR(LSTR_CYAN,              "Cyan",              "Türkis"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_VIOLET,            "Violet",            "Violett"           );
LANGSTR(LSTR_ORANGE,            "Orange",            "Orange"            );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DEEPRED,           "Deep red",          "Tiefrot"           );
// Week days
LANGSTR(LSTR_SATURDAY,          "Sat",               "Sa"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SUNDAY,            "Sun",               "So"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MONDAY,            "Mon",               "Mo"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_TUESDAY,           "Tue",               "Di"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_WEDNESDAY,         "Wed",               "Mi"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_THURSDAY,          "Thu",               "Do"                );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FRIDAY,            "Fri",               "Fr"                );
// Months
LANGSTR(LSTR_JANUARY,           "Jan",               "Jan"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_FEBRUARY,          "Feb",               "Feb"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MARCH,             "Mar",               "Mär"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_APRIL,             "Apr",               "Apr"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_MAY,               "May",               "Mai"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_JUNE,              "Jun",               "Jun"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_JULY,              "Jul",               "Jul"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_AUGUST,            "Aug",               "Aug"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_SEPTEMBER,         "Sep",               "Sep"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_OCTOBER,           "Oct",               "Okt"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_NOVEMBER,          "Nov",               "Nov"               );
LANGSTR(LSTR_DECEMBER,          "Dec",               "Dez"               );

Android app

Currently used strings.xml (English version):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="balance_desc">These settings reduce the power of each channel proportionately. They can be used to dim the lamp manually without touching the schedule or to adjust the white balance of RGB LEDs.</string>
    <string name="balance_dlg">Channel %s.\nRange: 0 to 100%%.</string>
    <string name="balance_title">White balance</string>
    <string name="channels_brightness_dlg">Channel %s.\nRange: 0.00 to 100.00%%.</string>
    <string name="channels_colorname">Label for channel %s</string>
    <string name="channels_colorname_dlg">All available labels are listed. Channels labeled \'Unnamed\' will not be displayed.</string>
    <string name="channels_desc">Currently used dimming values. The sliders can be moved in mode \'Manual\'.</string>
    <string name="channels_title">Real-time brightness (%)</string>
    <string name="config_alt">Altitude</string>
    <string name="config_azimuth">Azimuth</string>
    <string name="config_calculated">Calculated values (based on the time zone reported by Android)</string>
    <string name="config_date">Date</string>
    <string name="config_date_dlg">Current date.\nExample: %s.</string>
    <string name="config_datetime">Time settings</string>
    <string name="config_daylength">Day length</string>
    <string name="config_fan">Fan speed</string>
    <string name="config_fanhigh">Fast level (%)</string>
    <string name="config_fanhigh_dlg">Range: 0.0 to 100.0%.</string>
    <string name="config_fanlow">Slow level (%)</string>
    <string name="config_fanlow_dlg">Range: 0.0 to 100.0%.</string>
    <string name="config_fanoff">When LEDs are off (%)</string>
    <string name="config_fanoff_dlg">To prevent possible condensation.\nRange: 0.0 to 100.0%.</string>
    <string name="config_geo">Coordinates</string>
    <string name="config_lat">Latitude</string>
    <string name="config_lat_dlg">Positive: North.\nNegative: South.\nRange: -90.0 to 90.0°.</string>
    <string name="config_lcdbl">Display backlight brightness</string>
    <string name="config_lcdblmax">Bright level (%)</string>
    <string name="config_lcdblmax_dlg">Display backlight brightness on user activity.\nRange: 0.0 to 100.0%.</string>
    <string name="config_lcdblmin">Dim level (%)</string>
    <string name="config_lcdblmin_dlg">Display backlight brightness without user interaction.\nRange: 0.0 to 100.0%.</string>
    <string name="config_lcdblnight">Brightness when \'OFF\' (%)</string>
    <string name="config_lcdblnight_dlg">Display backlight brightness when \'OFF\' (see \'Schedule for: Switches\').\nRange: 0.0 to 100.0%.</string>
    <string name="config_lon">Longitude</string>
    <string name="config_lon_dlg">Positive: East.\nNegative: West.\nRange: -180.0 to 180.0°.</string>
    <string name="config_measure">Measurements</string>
    <string name="config_moon">Moon</string>
    <string name="config_moonphase">Moon phase</string>
    <string name="config_now">Set current time and date</string>
    <string name="config_rise">Rise</string>
    <string name="config_set">Set</string>
    <string name="config_sun">Sun</string>
    <string name="config_tempboard">Board temperature</string>
    <string name="config_tempslave">Slave temperature (measurements will only make sense when a single slave board is connected)</string>
    <string name="config_tempwater">CoolTWITemp</string>
    <string name="config_time">Time</string>
    <string name="config_time_dlg">Current time.\nExample: %s.</string>
    <string name="config_timelapse">Time lapse factor</string>
    <string name="config_timelapse_dlg">1 = Real-time.\n0 = Time stopped.\nRange: 0 to 255.</string>
    <string name="config_voltage">Input voltage</string>
    <string name="connection_desc">Please make sure to use the correct app for the corresponding hardware and firmware version (firmware can be updated using the Windows software). The device can only be connected once at the same time.\nAll devices marked as (NEW) have to be paired first: The pin code is always 1234</string>
    <string name="connection_new">(NEW)</string>
    <string name="error_checksum">Checksum error</string>
    <string name="error_overtemp">Overtemperature</string>
    <string name="error_pwm">PWM error</string>
    <string name="error_quarz">Quarz error</string>
    <string name="error_ramfull">RAM full</string>
    <string name="error_rtc">RTC error</string>
    <string name="error_tempboard">TempBoard error</string>
    <string name="error_undervolt">Undervoltage</string>
    <string name="expert_beginof">Begin of</string>
    <string name="expert_chartmode">Data source for the chart (the value will also appear on the display)</string>
    <string name="expert_cooltwitemp">Several options are only accessible after connecting CoolTWITemp (temperature sensor).</string>
    <string name="expert_day">Day</string>
    <string name="expert_dayofweek">Day of the week</string>
    <string name="expert_dst">DST</string>
    <string name="expert_fanmode">Fan mode</string>
    <string name="expert_fmoled">Guided by brightness (for LED cooling)</string>
    <string name="expert_fmowater">Controlled by CoolTWITemp with hysteresis</string>
    <string name="expert_fmowatermaster">Master: Controlled by CoolTWITemp, Slave: Guided by brightness</string>
    <string name="expert_hour">Hour</string>
    <string name="expert_lang">Language used on the display</string>
    <string name="expert_lang_english">English</string>
    <string name="expert_lang_german">German</string>
    <string name="expert_lcdformat">Display format</string>
    <string name="expert_lcdformat_16x2">16x2 (2 lines, 16 characters each)</string>
    <string name="expert_lcdformat_20x4">20x4 (4 lines, 20 characters each)</string>
    <string name="expert_month">Month</string>
    <string name="expert_pwmprescaler">PWM prescaler</string>
    <string name="expert_pwmprescaler_dlg">If flickering or noises occur, try another value.\n3 = 1.5kHz\n5 = 1kHz\n9 = 600Hz\n19 = 300Hz\nFrequency=25MHz/4096/(Prescaler+1)\nRange: 3 to 255.</string>
    <string name="expert_randominit">Random generator seed</string>
    <string name="expert_randominit_dlg">To synchronize multiple masters enter identical values greater than 0.\nRange: 0 to 255.</string>
    <string name="expert_standardtime">Standard time</string>
    <string name="expert_temphigh">Upper temp. of the hysteresis</string>
    <string name="expert_tempinterval">Recording interval (minutes)</string>
    <string name="expert_tempinterval_dlg">Recording interval for the chart in minutes.\nRange: 0 to 255 minutes.</string>
    <string name="expert_templow">Lower temp. of the hysteresis</string>
    <string name="expert_tempoffset">Calibration offset for CoolTWITemp (°C)</string>
    <string name="expert_tempoffset_dlg">The value entered here will be added to the measurement before display.\nRange: -12.8 to 12.7°C.</string>
    <string name="expert_tempunit">Temperature unit (on the display)</string>
    <string name="expert_tempunit_celsius">Degree Celsius (°C)</string>
    <string name="expert_tempunit_fahrenheit">Degree Fahrenheit (°F)</string>
    <string name="expert_tempwaterhigh_dlg">Fans will start after exceeding this temperature.</string>
    <string name="expert_tempwaterlow_dlg">Fans will stop after falling below this temperature.</string>
    <string name="expert_timeformat">Time format (on the display)</string>
    <string name="expert_timeformat_12h">1–12 AM/PM</string>
    <string name="expert_timeformat_24h">0–23</string>
    <string name="expert_twibitrate">TWI bitrate</string>
    <string name="expert_twibitrate_dlg">If bus malfunctions occur, try another value.\n98 = 25kHz\n48 = 50kHz\n23 = 100kHz\nFrequency=2500kHz/(Bitrate+2)\nRange: 10 to 255.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzbias">UTC +x minutes (during standard time)</string>
    <string name="expert_tzbias_dlg">Difference of local time zone to Universal Time Coordinated during standard time.\nRange: -720 to 720 minutes.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzdaylightday_dlg">Begin of DST: Day.\nRange: 1 to 31.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzdaylightdayofweek_dlg">Begin of DST: Day of the week.\nRange: 0 (Sunday) to 6.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzdaylighthour_dlg">Begin of DST: Hour.\nRange: 0 to 23.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzdaylightmonth_dlg">Begin of DST: Month.\nRange: 1 to 12.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzoptions">Local time zone settings</string>
    <string name="expert_tzstandardday_dlg">Begin of standard time: Day.\nRange: 1 to 31.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzstandarddayofweek_dlg">Begin of standard time: Day of the week.\nRange: 0 (Sunday) to 6.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzstandardhour_dlg">Begin of standard time: Hour.\nRange: 0 to 23.</string>
    <string name="expert_tzstandardmonth_dlg">Begin of standard time: Month.\nRange: 1 to 12.</string>
    <string name="hours">%1$02d:%2$02d hours</string>
    <string name="jmppin_irlearn">IR remote control pairing (default)</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmpcloud">Pull pin to ground during a cloud</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmpcooler">Pull pin to ground when temperature exceeds a value (cooler)</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmpheater">Pull pin to ground when temperature falls below a value (heater)</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmplightning">Pull pin to ground during a lightning</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmpstorm">Pull pin to ground during a thunderstorm</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmptimer">Scheduled (see \'Schedule for: Switches\' / \'Timer\', in hundredths of a second)</string>
    <string name="jmppin_jmpservo">Servo (see \'Schedule for: Switches\' / \'Timer\', possible values 800 to 2200µs)</string>
    <string name="jmppin_output">CAUTION:\nIn these modes link port pin 5 will become an active low output, i.e. it will be pulled to ground during the events given. There is an example schematic below.</string>
    <string name="jmppin_tempcoolhigh_dlg">Cooler will be activated after exceeding this temperature.</string>
    <string name="jmppin_tempcoollow_dlg">Cooler will be deactivated after falling below this temperature.</string>
    <string name="jmppin_tempheathigh_dlg">Heater will be deactivated after exceeding this temperature.</string>
    <string name="jmppin_tempheatlow_dlg">Heater will be activated after falling below this temperature.</string>
    <string name="jmppin_title">JMP pin configuration</string>
    <string name="lightningmask_desc">Lightning is created individually and randomly for each channel. Set different bits on two channels and they will flash independently. Enter identical values to make them flash simultaneously. When 0, a channel will not flash at all.</string>
    <string name="lightningmask_dlg">Channel %s.\nRange: 0 to 255.</string>
    <string name="lightningmask_title">Lightning bit mask</string>
    <string name="mnu_all20">Set all channels to 20%</string>
    <string name="mnu_alloff">Set all channels to 0%</string>
    <string name="mnu_allon">Set all channels to 100%</string>
    <string name="mnu_btoffexit">Deactivate Bluetooth</string>
    <string name="mnu_eepromsave">Save settings to EEPROM</string>
    <string name="mnu_irlearn">Pair IR remote control</string>
    <string name="mnu_refresh">Refresh</string>
    <string name="mode_auto">Mode: Auto</string>
    <string name="mode_flash">Mode: Flash</string>
    <string name="mode_geo">Mode: Geo</string>
    <string name="mode_manual">Mode: Manual</string>
    <string name="mode_rgbdemo">Mode: RGB demo</string>
    <string name="moon_desc">The following values determine the brightness of a full moon which is directly overhead. The actual brightness is calculated proportionately depending on current altitude and phase.</string>
    <string name="moon_dlg">Channel %s.\nRange: 0.00 to 6.23%%.</string>
    <string name="moon_title">Full moon brightness</string>
    <string name="msg_bootloader">Bootloader detected (firmware update not possible by app)</string>
    <string name="msg_connectingto">Connecting to %s…</string>
    <string name="msg_disconnected">Disconnected</string>
    <string name="msg_nobluetooth">Bluetooth could not be activated</string>
    <string name="msg_noconnection">No connection possible</string>
    <string name="msg_pressexit">Press again to exit</string>
    <string name="msg_readingdata">Reading data…</string>
    <string name="msg_wrongdata">Wrong data format</string>
    <string name="msg_wrongfirmware">Wrong firmware version (please update or use the correct app)</string>
    <string name="msg_wronghardware">Wrong hardware version (please use the correct app)</string>
    <string name="schedule_alt">Altitude (°)</string>
    <string name="schedule_alt_dlg">Position %d.\nAltitude (above the horizon).\nRange: -90.00 to 90.00°.</string>
    <string name="schedule_brightness">Brightness (%)</string>
    <string name="schedule_brightness_dlg">Position %d.\nRange: 0.00 to 100.00%%.</string>
    <string name="schedule_channel">Channel %s</string>
    <string name="schedule_clouds">Clouds</string>
    <string name="schedule_desc">Column \'Time\' is used in mode \'Auto\', column \'Alt\' is used in mode \'Geo\'. Time and altitude have to be in ascending order.</string>
    <string name="schedule_for">Schedule for:</string>
    <string name="schedule_lcdbl">Display</string>
    <string name="schedule_row_off">OFF</string>
    <string name="schedule_row_on">ON</string>
    <string name="schedule_storms">Thunder\nstorms</string>
    <string name="schedule_switches">Switches</string>
    <string name="schedule_time">Time</string>
    <string name="schedule_time_dlg">Position %d.\n00:00 = Begin of the day,\n24:00 = End of the day.</string>
    <string name="schedule_timer">Timer</string>
    <string name="schedule_timer_dlg">Position %d.\nPulls link port pin 5 to ground for a given amount of time. See also \'JMP pin\'.\nRange: 0 to 65534 hundredths of a second.</string>
    <string name="sub_cloud">Cloud</string>
    <string name="sub_cooler">Cooler</string>
    <string name="sub_heater">Heater</string>
    <string name="sub_saving">Saving…</string>
    <string name="sub_storm">Thunderstorm</string>
    <string name="sub_timer">Timer</string>
    <string name="tab_balance">Expert: White balance</string>
    <string name="tab_channels">Channels</string>
    <string name="tab_chart">Chart</string>
    <string name="tab_config">Configuration</string>
    <string name="tab_connection">Connection</string>
    <string name="tab_expert">Expert options</string>
    <string name="tab_geo">Geo</string>
    <string name="tab_jmppin">Expert: JMP pin</string>
    <string name="tab_lightningmask">Expert: Lightning</string>
    <string name="tab_moon">Moon</string>
    <string name="tab_schedule">Schedule</string>
    <string name="tab_weather">Weather</string>
    <string name="tab_weatherdelay">Delays</string>
    <string name="weather_alpha">Remaining brightness (%)</string>
    <string name="weather_cloudalpha_dlg">The lower the darker a cloud.\nRange: 0 to 100%.</string>
    <string name="weather_cloudcount">Average count per day</string>
    <string name="weather_cloudcount_dlg">Average cloud count per 24 hours.</string>
    <string name="weather_cloudduration">Average duration (seconds)</string>
    <string name="weather_cloudduration_dlg">Average duration of a cloud in seconds.</string>
    <string name="weather_clouds">Clouds</string>
    <string name="weather_cloudstep_dlg">The higher the quicker the brightness changes.\nRange: 0 to 65535.</string>
    <string name="weather_lightningp">Lightning frequency</string>
    <string name="weather_lightningp_dlg">The higher the more frequently lightning appears during a thunderstorm.\nRange: 0 to 65535.</string>
    <string name="weather_ratio">Calculated ratio</string>
    <string name="weather_step">Dimming speed</string>
    <string name="weather_stormalpha_dlg">The lower the darker a thunderstorm.\nRange: 0 to 100%.</string>
    <string name="weather_stormcount">Average count per week</string>
    <string name="weather_stormcount_dlg">Average thunderstorm count per 7*24 hours.</string>
    <string name="weather_stormduration">Average duration (minutes)</string>
    <string name="weather_stormduration_dlg">Average duration of a thunderstorm in minutes.</string>
    <string name="weather_storms">Thunderstorms</string>
    <string name="weather_stormstep_dlg">The higher the quicker the brightness changes.\nRange: 0 to 65535.</string>
    <string name="weather_triggerstopnow">Trigger/stop now</string>
    <string name="weatherdelay_desc">To leave the impression of moving weather phenomena, clouds and thunderstorms can be delayed per channel. An event will then appear after the given amount of time has elapsed.</string>
    <string name="weatherdelay_dlg">Channel %s.\nRange: 0 to 255 seconds.</string>
    <string name="weatherdelay_title">Delay of clouds and thunderstorms</string>
    <string-array name="name_color">
        <item>Deep red</item>

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